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Inspired by the beautiful novel by the poet Boris Pasternak, Dr Zhivago is a journey of life, war and the tragic love story of Yuri and Lara based at the time of the Russian Civil War, one of my most favourite films of all time. During 1996 I spent a winter working in the City of Riga in Latvia who had been independent from Russia for 6 years. At a daily average of -38' we bought Zhivago type beautiful fur hats and boots from the village people who would travel into the City on buses and foot for days to sell their products at the outdoor City markets to earn money and bring back food to their families. Over 12 weeks of working in extreme cold weather we learnt very quickly how important it is to layer our clothing and stay dry with fur outer layers.

We have designed our luxurious Zhivago dog carrier to look beautifully stylish and is handmade in our exclusive luxurious Faux Fur. Super cosy and warm our luxury dog carriers double up as portable dog beds for small dog breeds whether they are on short shopping journeys or weekend escapes and especially inviting for your little dog as they feel safe and warm inside making snooze time easy for both you and your little one.

Our exclusive luxury faux fur is British made, circular knitted in 80% acrylic & 20% polyester and dyed in the most gorgeous shades of Storm a beautiful Graphite Grey faux fur or Champagne/Silver a warm shade of silver with Champagne notes. The faux fur is of the highest grade quality and simulates the feel and look of Chinchilla fur with outstanding warmth and comfort. The cut out front section of the dog carrier is comfortably curved and makes handy head rest. Internally we have added a fully adjustable securing strap with a nickel plated solid brass lobster clasp to attach to your dog's collar. The base mattress pad is removable with a zipped cover for easy washdays made in the faux fur fabric and makes a perfect little dog cushion if you are out with friends and your dog doesn't want to stay inside the carrier. The base of the Zhivago dog carrier is covered in a polyester water resistant fabric which we find easier to keep clean than having a faux fur base which will pick up dust etc from floors in restaurants and when on the move.



Zhivago Dog Carrier Colours

Choice of 2 Stunning Faux Fur fabrics 

STORM   -   Beautiful Graphite a mid grey with warm notes, a Chinchilla type faux fur 

SILVER   -   Stunning Silver with a hint of warm Champagne Beige, a Chinchilla type faux fur



Zhivago Dog Carrier Size

Zhivago Dog Carrier Size

Small   40 L x  22 W x  32 H      Cut out entry height approx 15 & 17cm          £169.00

Miniature dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pekinese, etc not recommended over 6 kgs

Medium  45 L x  25 W x  36 H   Cut out entry height approx 17 & 19cm          £189.00 

Dachshund, Jack Russell, Toy Poodle, Pug, Maltese, etc not recommended over 7 kgs 




Product Information:

  • Outer & Internal Material:     British made faux Fur 80% acrylic 20% polyester
  • Removable Base Pad:            British made faux Fur 80% acrylic 20% polyester with zipper
  • Inner Foam Pad:                      100% polyester Padding
  • Internal dog carrier walls:    100% polyester padding
  • Internal securing strap:        Black 1" 100% polyester strapping 
  • Securing Strap Hardware:   Nickel plated solid metal lobster clasp & adjustable spacer
  • External Base:                          Grey 6mm waterproofed fabric
  • Carrying Straps:                       Light silver 1.5" 100% polyester herringbone bag strapping 
  • Hugo & Otto dog tag:             Metal alloy on a split silver alloy ring.


Everyday Good looking Care:

  • Shake out your St. Moritz dog carrier regularly to find those precious hidden doggy treats and use a soft hair brush to gently brush out the faux fur fabric.
  • Muddy marks: Please let them dry, brush them out and gently spot clean with warm water, once dry re-plump, brush again and store in a dry place.
  • Storing: Pad the inside of the dog carrier with clean dry paper or bubble wrap. Please treat your dog carrier as you would a treasured handbag.
  • Please do not store heavy items on top of the carrier as it will miss shape the carrier



Our recommendation is to dry clean your Hugo & Otto Zhivago Dog Carrier to retain the shape.

If you prefer to machine wash:  

Faux fur is a luxury manmade product and washable on a gentle care cool wool wash.

Please do not wring out it will miss-shape the bag.

Shake out the dog carrier, reshape and dry naturally on a rack.

Shake again, re-shape and brush out gently.

Please do not dry the dog carrier in a machine dryer.


General safety thoughts whilst travelling:

Faux fur will get warm inside it has great insulating capabilities and so do please think, if you have been inside and in the warmth for some time your little dog also has their own natural full length fur coat with no means to cool down or tell you apart from panting. Please do check on long journeys that your dog is comfortable, has means to cool down and has water to drink. 

Please also consider your own safety when picking up your dog inside the carrier and carrying on long journeys, we have recommended weights for the small and small/medium carrier as guidelines. 

Do not leave or store near to naked flames. 


The internal adjustable securing strap: 

We have used British made strong 1" polyester strapping with British nickel plated solid metal hardware to attach the strap to your dog's collar and adjust the length. The strapping is sewn into the base of the dog carrier, it will not prevent them from falling out if the dog bag if it is tipped up or dropped by accident.


Travelling in Cars, Aeroplanes etc.

Please note that the Zhivago Dog Carrier is not a safety approved travel container for dogs inside aeroplanes and cars, trains etc. It is not crash tested nor does it require testing as the intention for use is to carry your small dog on your shoulder whilst out walking or meeting friends. They do not have any safety mechanism to be strapped into car or aeroplane seats and we do not recommend you do so. 



Small Breeds, City Living & why have a dog carrier?

We share our life with Finnbar our miniature wire hair dachshund, a Hound's DNA is to go out sniff and hunt for below ground furballs, they love walking out to explore and dig, and happy beyond when facing a bush to explore, they are super courageous like a terrier but that all stops if it is raining. Even if it is walking to the car my dachshund will refuse to move outside, he is cute, he knows the rain will stop and would prefer to stay warm and snuggled up inside his faux fur blanket on his dog bed. Not all small dogs are like this I cannot generalise and can only talk about my own experiences and by talking with many owners of Dachshunds, Poms, Chihuahuas and tiny Yorkies their coat will absorb the rain and very quickly start to loose body heat if not running around and a wet coat picks up dirt and mud that cannot be brushed out as a dry coat can be. And so, I learnt that in winter it is best to put a washable fleece or coat on him and to also put a dog carrier in the car on long journeys or indeed if going to meet friends and family in the pub for a few hours, instead of lying on a dusty floor my boy can either stay in his dog carrier or I take out the internal base mattress if it is too warm and he snoozes on that whilst we catch up. We also do live with a very large labrador who would run in the opposite direction if I even attempted to put a coat on him and have spent a lifetime with spaniels and labrador retrievers and so I do understand it is not a one shoe fits all. 

And so whatever your style is there are so many wonderful dog carriers to choose from and we hope that you like our fun stylish version.





UK mainland parcelforce 48 hour weekday delivery £8.00

European/Rest of World/International Shipping We ship worldwide, please contact us on sales@hugoandotto.com with your order request and full address to enable us to provide you with a quotation for your shipping destination.




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