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When Puggy Met Pop - In Shoreditch

Hugo and Otto's Shoreditch Dog Bed Inspired by loves young dream Mr & Mrs Smalls!

Make Way For The Cosiest Contemporary Dog Bed Ever Made!

Models: Pop Sausage @pop_sausage & Puggy Smalls @thepuggysmalls

Puggy and Pops were super excited to be gifted their first shared marital bed! The medium size is more than enough space for them to be able to stretch out but still have a cosy snuggle together when they want.

Perfectly packaged and super speedy delivery, we were very surprised at the sheer weight of the bed, its extremely sturdy with bolstered, firm sides acting as the perfect chin rest for Puggy who likes to peak over the top to make sure he never misses a snackie opportunity. It has a lowered centre point, making it easy for the low bellies like pops to get inside and the removable inner cushion is made of premium velour fabric that the dogs (and us!) literally cant get enough of it!

Model: Pop Sausage @pop_sausage

The Shoreditch dog bed is so easy to live with as each side bolster (4 of them) and the orthopaedic base mattress all "pop" out of their main covers separately so they can be washed individually or just the covers on their own, making those little accidents seem a minor blip in the dog house!.

However, In our opinion, the best feature of this bed is that it has hidden Fibreguard stain resistant technology in the main fabric, which means the bed is easy to clean and will stay as good as new for as long as possible. You also get a free zipped mattress protector over the base, so If Puggy and Pops want to chew their messy treats in their bed, or any other little accidents occur, its drama free! We have had the bed for a few weeks now and its yet to have a mark on it! It really is Amazing!

Model: Pop Sausage @pop_sausage

Like many dachshunds, Miss Pops has a dodgy back. She had major spinal surgery two years ago, so its vital for us to provide her with a bed that gives her support and comfort. The Shoreditch bed is Orthopaedic, and super soft. The middle section is bouncy and incredibly luxurious, and the firmer sides act like a support and pops curls up against them, without them caving in or going flat. This would be amazing for older pooches and puppies alike!

Designed and made in the England, using the finest British sourced materials. The main fabric feels super soft like wool, yet it is 100% polyester and very hard wearing with an impressive 141k rub test.

Models: Pop Sausage @pop_sausage & Puggy Smalls @thepuggysmalls

The main bed comes in two grey tones, a light, blue/grey “The Nile”, and a darker, slate grey, “Anthracite”. The inner cushions are double sided, all with a grey side complemented with a beautiful velour on the reverse in harmonious, contemporary colours, just in case you like to mix things up.

The option we went for is the Medium “Nile” bed, with the ‘Bangers and Mash” Royal Blue inner cushion and we are thrilled with how chic it is!

The other colours available are “Pop Sugar”, a hyper femme, dreamy lilac and “Puggys Dream” a bright shade of feel-good sky blue!

The Shoreditch is available in four sizes ranging from small to extra large, with prices starting at £75, which we think is a surprisingly great price for a product so premium.

Effortless minimalism meets complete functionality, we literally couldn’t sing this products praises loud enough even if we tried! If you’re looking for an investment dog bed for your beloved on four paws, then this is an absolute must! The dogs love it and it looks gorgeous and sits so nicely in our minimal home!.

Only the best will do for our little king and queen, and it genuinely doesn’t get any better than Hugo and Ottos mega dreamy Shoreditch bed!

Snackies out ten? 10/10 would definitely snuggle up again!

Instagram: @hugoandotto_

Charlie Osman is the Director of Bangers and Mash Dog Collective

Dog Modelling & PR Services Agency Based in London 


Models: Pop Sausage @pop_sausage & Puggy Smalls @thepuggysmalls