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Wet Dog

Wet Dog

I have yet to meet a dog who is happy sploshing around in muddy puddles, sand, sea and rivers but when faced with bath time you would think life had just become pure living hell. They will do anything to run away as far as possible to avoid it, it doesn't matter if you test the water first, no, not too cold and not too hot, then add a splash of beautiful soft hand blended shampoos with calming botanicals and they absolutely hate it, let's face it, Fox poo heaven it is not! 

My own 2 fur balls give me the old "stink eye" they know instinctively that a fate worse than finding your most favourite and prized bone that they have buried in the garden has been stolen by a pesky wee furball. They know that all that hard work of rolling in the secret holes out by the Oak tree filled with their favourite scent du jour is going to be washed away. That pawsome feeling of every dog lady in the Country wanting to take your number as they would fancy the paws of you if only you could get them to sniff your newly adorned Eau de Fox' is going to be gone forever, ruined in this weird smelling bath and the human you love just does not understand you, there is simply no hope!



Wet Dog is a series of dog portraits captured by leading photographer Sophie Gamand at the groomers during their least favourite activity the dreaded bath time.

Photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand portrays a more uplifting outlook on the whole ordeal, and has humorously captured it in her series turned book “Wet Dog”. French born and New York based, Sophie started this concept sporadically during a trip to the groomers. .

Sophie has done extensive pro bono work and has photographed hundreds of shelter dogs to promote their adoptions. "I chose this activity because it is a very unnatural one for the dogs, yet it is a direct consequence of their cohabitation with humans. Domesticated dogs need to be washed for hygiene, health and social reasons".

Sophie says "exposing the dogs at a vulnerable moment enabled me to capture their wide range of expressions. Poignant looks, despair, anger and even judgment can be read into their eyes. Dogs have become more than animals and have acquired a status of persona, especially in big cities like New York. People here have difficulties developing meaningful relationships with their peers, and often turn to dogs instead. The dog becomes the confidant, the best friend, replacing spouses or children. Throughout the past millennia dogs have been subdued, manipulated genetically, trained, modified into perfect companions. Dogs are the first example of Man acting like a God towards Nature"


A profound statement from Sophie, one would say, but perhaps in retrospect so very true for not only City dwellers but for people throughout the world who may have only one constant in their. Dogs as we know are trained to help detect medical conditions in sufferers, help them at home or when outside, dogs are now used to offer help of love in hospitals, schools and elderly homes, bring your dog to work days are proven successful and for those that live alone a dog offers unconditional love that they may not otherwise have. 

Thought provoking and powerful.



Sophie Gamand - Photographer Series Wet Dog

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer and animal advocate living and working in New York. 

Since 2010, she has been focusing on dogs and our relationship with them. Sophie travels around the U.S. photographing shelter dogs for free, to help bring awareness to their fate, and help them get adopted.
Her most known series are Wet Dog and Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution

She has won several prestigious photography awards for her work (including a Sony World Photography Award in 2014), as well as advocacy awards for her dedication to animal rescue and adoption. Sophie's work has been published in the press worldwide, online and in print (Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Oprah Magazine, ....). Her first book, Wet Dog, came out in October 2015.