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Spooktacular Howl O Ween Events to Share With Your Fur-ocious Paw Pals

Oh My...It’s time to crawl to the ‘bark side’ as the Spooktacular hour draws near, we’re creeping it real here at Hugo & Otto by sharing these fang-tastic ways pet-pawrents can celebrate with their fur-ocious friends.



#1  Pick out your pumkin together ...Go on a memorable adventure this Halloween by taking your pooch to a pet-friendly pumpkin farm. Stretch out those paws together in amongst the pumpkins and mud, before picking out the pawfect pumpkin to take home and carve. Make spooktacular dog faces with extra long fangs and watch it glow at night. And the best thing is..pumpkin soup can be made for us humans, dried pumpkin seeds are delicious for both us and dogs and a little fresh pumpkin served up as a treat will taste delicious to your dog and help clean their teeth too. 

#2 The Dressing Up Box...Oh why not it is, after all the bewitching hour. Celebrate Howl O Ween with your pack in doggy fun style at a local event like our pawsome pal Jen Stevens and her team at Pet-Fi. They got together some fairly pawsome paws with the Guinness World Records to host the biggest event of most dogs wearing bandana's down in Brighton. Their first ever attempt already they are getting ready for next year to make it bigger and better.  Our pawsome pals love that extra cuddle and attention and socialising with other dogs, so whether it be a hotdog, pug-kin or Barking Bad character, the possibilities of ingenious costumes are endless. To earn that rossette for the best in show and round of appaws, why not co-ordinate with one another human and pawdog and achieve the greatest #squadghouls of all time.

#3 It's Pawty time...Get the Pawty started! why not attend a glamorous and ghoulish get-together with your pup, or take the lead yourself and host the ultimate Ghoulish Halloween celebration. Invite all of your dog’s closest canine friends and go mutts with treats, tunes and decorations. Try out the dunking apple contest and see who can pick out the most apples you or your fur-ocious paw pals.

#4 Watch a scary film together...Close the curtains, dim the lights and enjoy an evening of frightening fun. Snuggle under the blanket together and press play on a hair-raising thriller your pup will love sharing those pumpkin treats with you and just chilling together.

#5.Trick or Treating ..Why not take your pup on a small quest in the search of some mouth-watering treats. Everyone loves dogs, so getting yours to perform their best trick will be sure to get you that toffee apple you’ve always dreamed of. But remember paw pals, that dogs cannot share our human sweets and chocolate, keep it real right! The best treat for your dog and they will lick you forever for sharing them is to pop a little bag of fang-tastic bites of freshly chopped carrots or try our favourite treats from Poppy's Picnic we especially love their 100% natural  dried venison bites and dried Liver bites they are sure to make your pup pal whistle a howl o ween tune as you go along your way..


Oh pawpals, whatever you are doing, if it's just the two of you, or twenty of you, just have fun!...stay tuned for more top tips with your pawsome pals, there's much more to come..

Caroline x


Thank you to Cool Hunting and their fabulous link to this year's Tomkins Park New York Halloween Parade for Images - I am sure you agree they looked like they had fun right!