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Is Peanut Butter the New Marmite?

Is Peanut Butter the New Marmite?

Dog Photography:     Greg Murray

Book Review:            For the Love of Peanut Butter

. . . 

I am really not sure when I first tasted Marmite, being a Sixties child and raised on a small Celtic Island in the middle of the Irish Sea exotic fruits, vegetables and imported foods like Marmite from Australia and Peanut Butter from United States was considered a luxury. I do remember my first Yoghurt, I was about 9 years old and my cousin had arrived back from a trip to the mainland by car, she had brought back a few gifts of exciting new products from the Shopping shelves that were not available on our Island. I cannot remember the Company it was a Greek Yoghurt and of course unsweetened and I just shuddered when I tasted it, I adore it now and especially with granola and fresh fruit in the morning.

All of us have fond memories of tasting and exploring new foods, even the foods we really do not like it is the experience of trying something new and experimenting that is the fun part.  For those of us who have our own children, those memories of the first weeks of solid food training and how when you try a new food most of it inevitably ends up on you and the dog, which they have no objection to of course, and the kitchen walls. 

Do you like Lychee's? my first encounter was a family meal out. It was a birthday treat, we had been to see a movie at the cinema and for being good we were treated to supper at the best Chinese restaurant in Douglas. I remember it was the very first Chinese restaurant on the Island and it had beautiful red lanterns with gold dragons hand painted onto the silk and the tables had starched white table cloths with chop sticks, it felt very grown up.  It was all going very well, usually my brothers would jump at any opportunity to either get me into trouble and were always winding me up like a spring coil, my mother was waiting for it. Was it going to be a chop stick fight, no we seemed to have got through the main course without that one. We had lots of lovely little plates to eat and try, the boys were really hungry so not much was said during the ensuing plates that arrived.

And then, mum asked would I like Ice Cream, well of course and then the lovely restaurant waitress asked would I like to have Lychee's with my ice cream. Lychee's what are they? I was only 6 years old and so I was like a sitting duck to my brothers who were considerably older that I. How exciting, everyone's deserts were ceremonously arriving and mine, my favourite Vanilla ice cream with the curious Lychee's, they told me it was a sweet fruit. I looked at my dish with some thought for a while, this Lychee, this curious fruit looked like a very large peeled grape, a naked grape? but it was spongy to the touch of my spoon. My evil brothers sat with squirm like grins on their faces waiting for me to take the Lychee onto my spoon. 

Truly, to this day I remember what my evil brothers said to me just as I bit into the Lychee, they told me it was really a big fish eye and not a fruit at all. The screams and ensuing fight running around this very lovely restaurant was not a pretty sight and all the way home my brothers ran as fast as they could from my mother. I still close my eyes and think of that day when I see a Lychee, nor can I eat Marmite or Peanut butter, i'm not sure why, it certainly is not as traumatic but simply I do not care for the taste and yes my face still squirms at the thought of tasting both of them.

We could wax lyrical about about all sorts of foods but certainly the great ice breaker is when talking to someone new and you just throw in a curve ball, do you like Marmite or Peanut Butter? but, I guess sitting in the middle of a company meeting it may not go down so well.

Dogs have been long wondering what this human obsession with peanut butter is all about. They’ve finally decided to try it out in Greg Murray’s photoshoot. The Cleveland-based photographer gathered about a 100 curious canines (75% of them are rescues) for the delicious (or not so much) feast.

The results were truly hilarious! and they created some fabulous images of our four legged companions. “We were constantly Laughing during the session,”  Greg has gone onto release a book called “For the Love of Peanut Butter” featuring the adorable four legged peanut butter experts. 

When asked if the dogs like peanut butter, Murray said that they love it! “I will say though that we only give them a little,” he explained. “Just like humans, too much of anything isn’t good. It’s a treat to them and we only give them a couple teaspoons during the session. We also give them peanut butter that does not contain the artificial sweetener Xylitol, which is harmful to dogs.” 

So folks - in case some of you are ready to spring into action and ready to create a new campaign of "dogs against peanut butter" we must say that no dogs were harmed in the making of this amusing series of photographs or for the creation of Greg's book For The Love Of Peanut Butter. Peanut butter is well known to be a good treat for dogs and as he said everything in moderation. Certainly, his muses absolutely loved their treat of sitting in front of the camera and rewarded with peanut butter and the fun they all had making the series. The photographs went viral and were published in local newspapers and magazines, and so Greg's series of images helped raise awareness of these beautiful dogs needing forever homes and they helped them find their true happiness with new owners.