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Dog Houses

World acclaimed and award winning Photographer Mark Ruwedel’s new book, Dog Houses, is a collective journey into Southern California’s barren dry landscape and the dilapidated homes that dot the area. Over several years the Los Angeles based photographer has driven across America’s western frontier to document an array of subjects that speak to him and create their own story from within the images.

Working in the desert on several projects Mark has collated his vast library of imagery down to 30 colour images shot over a 10 year period for his book. The focus is as much to report on the history and document the area as it is to explore the relationship between owner and animal. Their houses are often constructed from the same materials, and both have failed to beat the desert’s demanding unwilling environment.

It was whilst studying painting Ruwedel became interested in photography and his cinematic, large-format photographs have garnered him space in the worlds most renowned museums like Tate Modern, LACMA, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Dog Houses: Mark Ruwedel

Published by Rizzoli: promises a haunting and at times humorous look at dog versus desert.


Ruwedel's work is held in the following public collections:

Author: Caroline Bate Director, Hugo & Otto

October 2019