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A Dog Named Finn

A Dog Named Finn 

Short Film : The Ultimate Best Friend

Director:  Steven Brahms

Writer: Alex Goldberg

Score:  "Ozma"  by Shannon and the Clams

. . . 

A short film written for Amanda Seyfried the beautiful American actress and her Australian Shepherd dog Finnlay.  Since their meeting on the set of Big Love when he was a puppy that looked just like a little teddy bear they have pretty much been constant companions. He was there with his brother and she just could not resist taking him home and try to find him a home, but all her friends said well no we just don't need another dog. She just could not let him go and very soon Finn became her constant companion, the pair are inseparable and he has travelled everywhere with her. And, now he has to share her with a human dad the actor Thomas Sadoski and a beautiful new baby sister so his life is really busy taking care of his pack.

Finn is an Australian Shepherd and quite the character, his many talents include helping his human choose the right clothes and discussing topics like reincarnation and his paw-ty trick is balancing things on his head and nose. If you check out Amanda's instagram post you will often see Finn being the captain of their kayak or balancing something that he can get to eat afterwards as a special treat. Finn in his own right has become famous and has been interviewed on countless television programme's alongside his mum and has quite a following on social media. 


Being a working standard breed the Australian Shepherd dogs are energetic and need interaction, they love exercise and getting out. They are also highly intelligent and can often get bored and so the two spent hours each day just bonding and working with each other and so it was that by teaching Finn tricks he was stimulated and loved working with his human. He inspired Amanda to spread the word of adopt don't shop, and has worked to help raise awareness of the countless animal shelters that need support, funding and also families to foster or adopt the dogs and cats that are abandoned.  

Finn and Amanda are ambassadors of the Best Friends Animal Society a no-kill animal welfare organisation, to help inspire thousands of animal lovers to participate in Strut Your Mutt. The event encourages pet parents and friends to strut 9,000 steps to raise money and awareness for the more than 9,000 dogs and cats killed every day in America’s shelters. Each year, 4 million pets in shelters are killed.

The actress recognises that many misconceptions about rescue animals stand in the way of more people adopting.“People think that behaviourally, it won’t be easy to train them, or that they’re emotionally unstable, but that can be true for any animal,” she says. “’People also say, ‘But I want a puppy!’ You can still rescue puppies. And there’s nothing wrong with an adult dog, either — often you don’t even have to train them.” To Seyfried, having a dog in her life is a no-brainer, despite the large responsibility (and having to put shoes on in the morning to run out and walk him.) “It’s so worth it in the grand scheme,” she says. “You have this incredible connection to this beautiful bundle of love. There’s nothing like it.”



. . . 


Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Michelle Seyfried married her handsome leading man, the actor Thomas Sadoski and they very proudly announced the safe arrival of their beautiful baby girl in March 2017.


Modelling:  From aged 11

Acting:  From aged 15 with recurring parts on the soap operas As the World Turns and All My Children.

2004: Seyfried made her movie debut in the teen comedy Mean Girls. Her subsequent supporting roles were in independent films, such as the drama Nine Lives (2005) and the crime drama Alpha Dog (2006). She also had a recurring role on the UPN television series Veronica Mars (2004–06). Between 2006 and 2011, Seyfried starred on the HBO drama series Big Love and appeared in the musical feature film Mamma Mia! (2008).

Leading roles: 

2009  black comedy horror film Jennifer's Body , as a call girl in the erotic thriller Chloe 

2010 romantic drama-war film Dear John  and the romantic drama Letters to Juliet.

2011 dark fantasy historical romance Red Riding Hood  the dystopian sci-fi thriller In Time 

2012 thriller Gone the musical drama film Les Misérables 

2013 biographical drama Lovelace

2014 Seth MacFarlane comedies A Million Ways to Die in the West 

2015 Ted 2 

2016 Fathers and Daughters 

. . 

Best Friends Animal Society