Size Guide


We would recommend the best way to measure is to measure their neck without the existing collar in place. Take a flexible tape measure and place around your dog’s neck, please keep 2 fingers underneath the tape when measuring to give growing space. If you have a new puppy you will find that they grow remarkably quickly and it may be prudent to purchase a dog collar that has room for growth.

The Following is an approximate guide only and taken from the Kennel Club of Great Britain Breed Standard measurements. Examples of dog breeds are outlined as a guidance, but if we have not mentioned your breed type please understand that there are hundreds of dog breeds indeed, many variations on a typical dog. So if in doubt please do ask if you are not sure and we will do our best to help you, we would wish for you to select the best possible measurement and collar for your dog.

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As a rule of thumb: Measurements are taken in cm, however in the USA they use inches. (for this we will use cm’s)

Extra Small

5-8" (12cm-19cm) Teacup’s: Chihuahua


8-11" (20cm-29cm)  Tiny breeds: Toy Poodle


11-13" (29cm-33cm)    Mini Dachshund     Mini Yorkshire Terrier

Short neck & longer hair: Jack Russell    Border Terrier    Standard Dachshund    Bichon

Martindale Collars (for dog breeds with long & very delicate necks like the Hound group)

Borzoi    Greyhound     Saluki    Whippet   Ibizan Hounds   Sighthound

Medium Regular

12-15" (30cm-39cm)   Pugs    Border Terrier    Beagle    Basset Hound    Patterdale   Spaniel 


16-19" (40cm-49cm)  Staffordshire Bull Terrier   French Bulldog   Standard Poodle   Weimaraner   Vizsla

Extra Large

20-24" (50cm-60cm)   Dalmatian   Labrador   Great Dane   German Shepherd   Pincer    Bloodhound 

X X Large
24-28” (60cm- 70cm)  Rottweiler   Lionberger   Komondor   Siberian Huskies





Suppliers of quality ready-to-wear coats offer them in a large range of sizes so that you should be able to get an excellent fit for your dog. They will also provide specially designed coats for long-bodied breeds such as Dachshunds and Basset Hounds. A number of our favourite brands can provide a bespoke service. Please ask/email if you would prefer a bespoke coat and Hugo & Otto will work with you to get the perfect fit. We will provide an estimate for you prior to making up an order.
Typically, for ready to wear ranges, you need two measurements

Length and torso.

  1. 1  Length: Measure from your dog’s neck to the base of its tail.

  2. 2  Torso: Find the ribcage and wrap the tape measure around the widest part. Hold the

tape measure loosely, so that you can get two fingers underneath. If your measurement comes out at an odd number round it down one size.
Every supplier has their own measurement guide and we will be happy to help with any advice you may need.

8” (Xsmall)
24cm 34-39cm  Teacup Chihuahua

10 “(Small)
28cm 33-42cm   Chihuahua   Mini Dachshund   Yorkshire Terrier 

12” (Medium)
33cm 48-57cm
Short legged:     Jack Russell    Norfolk Terrier   Jack Russell   Cocker Spaniel

14” (Large)
40cm 50-64cm   Small Beagle  Springer Spaniel     Standard Pug

16” (Large)
45cm 58-74cm   French Bulldog   Staffordshire Bull Terrier

18” (Extra Large)

53cm 71-86cm  Dalmatian    Boxer    Bulldog     

20” (Extra Large)
57cm 81-106cm   Labrador  Elkhound   

22” (XX Large)
62cm 86-111cm   German Shepherd   Doberman    Rotweiler    Afghan Hound

24 - 28” (XXX Large)
68cm 101-130cm   Great Dane    Newfoundland   Irish Wolfhound   Bloodhound

Just a little note: Please ask advice if you feel you need a little more advice. At home we have a little wire haired dachshund who gets truly very cold and positively shivers looking at a cold damp evening. Finnbar is so close to the ground he likes nothing better than being warm. But, it is quite the polar opposite for our yellow working stock labrador. Hunter will overheat in no time as he has a natural double coat and will need extra water and cooling if I put a dog coat on him. Be sure to check your dog’s temperature and offer water in portable containers when on the move.


Thank you x