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Shoreditch Dog Bed - Nile with Removable 3" Memory Foam Base Mattress

The Shoreditch luxury dog bed is inspired by our pawsome paw pals Pop @pop_sausage a gorgeous little dachshund who valiantly is an IVVD survivor and needs vital spinal support in her dog bed and her beau Mr PuggySmalls @puggysmalls who makes everyone's heart go bump. These 2 gorgeous little pup-stars fell in love at first sniff in a swanky motorcycle club called The Bike Shed based in Shoreditch. Their humans, feeling the love bite over a Puppichino through the heady smell of hells angels leathers and Triumph Bonneville motorbikes very quickly realised that their destiny was meant to be, and as a pack of four they set up home together. 

We at Hugo & Otto only truly want to create the best for your dog and interior style with British fabrics and we understand that for some of our 4 legged pals jumping in and out of a dog can be a hurdle too far especially if you are a like our little Dachshund friend Pop who has gone through spinal injury. And so, we have designed a selection of different types of dog beds for breed specific dogs and also for those who may be struggling with access, whether they are a tiny puppy or in their senior years but need to feel snuggled up, warm, cosy and happy snoozes curled up on a memory foam mattress and supportive side walls.

Our beautiful Shoreditch is a luxury dog bed with style with a fabulous removable memory foam base mattress made from a full 3' memory foam which offers vital spinal support for your dog and sublime comfort, we added that special touch of luxury and style with the option of 3 velour colour bases and when you want to have it a uniformed colour just flip over the base inside the base. The added bonus of having a removable base is instead of travelling with your whole dog bed on a weekend away to friends, just take out the base and your dog is totally happy as they have their own portable dog bed with their own scent on it to help them settle in the car and on the trip. To help with the all important wash days we have added a fully zipped free mattress protector underneath the base cover and 4 individual side bolster walls zip out from their pockets offering you and your dog the ultimate in great design and luxury of fabric and comfort. 

We choose a truly outstanding upholstery fabric, the colour is a very pale pastel blue/beige colour which has a secret ingredient of Fibreguard® stain resistance technology impregnated within the fabric which means you can spot clean the fabric instead of taking the whole dog bed apart. With an outstanding 141k rub test the fabric is an Oekotex® standard 100 polyester and very durable. When it comes to washday you will find that all the covers, 4 separate internal bolsters and the base mattress are fully removable. 


The Shoreditch Dog Bed is available in 2 Stunning Contemporary Grey Base Colours: 

  • Nile a beautiful pastel blue/beige fabric 
  • Anthracite a dark grey with a hint of chocolate brown                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Choose from 3 colour variations for your base mattress: 

  • Lilac Velour with Nile Fabric
  • Atlantic Blue Velour with Nile Fabric
  • Royal Velour with Nile Fabric


The Credits

  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Choice of 2 Stunning Contemporary Colours
  • Outstanding upholstery grade Fabric made in Oekotex® Standard 100 Polyester with Fibreguard® Stain Resistance Technology spot cleaning and fully washable
  • Robust & Durable fabric with a 141k Martindale Rub Test
  • A beautiful pop of colour and gorgeous styling with 100% polyester upholstery velour fabric to the base mattress cover on one side or flip it over to reveal the plain on the reverse for a different look
  • 4 x individual Side Bolsters with 100% cotton covers and little zippers to adjust the fibre infil support
  • Free removable water resistant base mattress protector 
  • 3" Memory foam base mattress offering vital spinal support
  • Fibre Infill 100% Polyester conforms to B.S.5852
  • Shoreditch Dog Bed Covers, spare mattress protectors and internal bolsters, base mattresses are all available to be purchased separately
  • All Side bolsters can be washed at 30' degress
  • Designed & Hand Made In England with Love by Hugo & Otto


The Dog Bed Sizes - all sizes are approximate as they are handmade in our studios.

  • Small        60 x 50 x 24      £95.00
  • Medium    77 x 60 x 30     £120.00 
  • Large        82 x 64 x 33     £155.00
  • X Large    94 x 68 x 33     £175.00




Care Of Your Shoreditch Dog Bed 

Say goodbye to wash day blues...with Fibreguard® Stain Resistance Technology

Spot cleaning:

Your dog bed is made from beautiful upholstery fabric and so this is like cleaning down your chairs and sofas.

With the Fibreguard® stain technology light to medium spillages or muddy marks can be taken care of easily and quickly without having to unzip and wash the whole dog bed. It is recommended to spray the mark with warm clean tap water and gently rub in a circle motion with a soft clean cloth and repeat. Please do not use harsh abrasives or bleaching agents which will damage your fabric.

On a daily or weekly basis we recommend to remove the inner memory foam mattress and shake out the main body of your dog bed, hoover with a hand vacuum lightly to clean away access hairs and those lovely hidden treats and then wipe over the inside bolsters, inner base base and outside with a clean cloth with soapy water. The memory foam base is covered in the same upholstery fabric on one side and an upholstery velour fabric on the opposite side. Spot cleaning is the same process as the main cover just a little light hoovering and wipe over with a soft clean cloth with warm soft soapy water. It just gives it all a freshen up, we never recommend to spray with commercial fragrances as this can be an irritant to your dog.


It's Washday and you are going to tackle the dog bed.

Removing the covers:

Washday is here, we have made this as easy as we can.

The memory foam mattress cover, protector and inner mattress:

  • Pull out the memory foam base mattress, unzip the cover and take off
  • You will now see the inner mattress protective cover which is not waterproof, we add it for free as our gift in helping you to preserve your dog bed a little more to all of our beds it acts as an added protector, if this requires washing unzip it and pull it off
  • The base mattress is a full 3" memory foam. Memory foam is not washable known in the industry as Vasco 50. If you feel that it is prudent to consider purchasing an extra water proof protective cover over your memory foam please email us for a quote. Water proof covers can be made in various thickness grades, the downside to this is the outer upholstery mattress cover will have to be made slightly bigger to accommodate the thickness and also you will hear your dog moving around in the bed as a type of scrunching sound from the waterproof material occurs on movement
  • Spare memory foam pads can be purchased separately


The main bed sidewall cover is one piece: 

You now have the main side walls and base cover in front of you. What we need you to do is this:

  • Pick any corner of the dog bed, reach inside to the base you will feel an internal zip runs around the entire base inside
  • To get to the zip we need to "invert" the dog bed and so reach a corner inside the bed and pull the corner towards you and then repeat on the other corners, the base cover will invert/flip up revealing the zip
  • Unzip the cover and you will see the 4 individual side bolsters will each pull out of their little pockets and hey presto you have the main cover ready to be washed. 
  • All 4 side bolsters can be washed individually if you wish to and again they have little side zips to remove access fibre filling if you so wish

And just like your own duvet we would recommend to zip all the covers back up whilst washing. Upholstery fabric on sofas and chairs the industry recommended wash care is wash the main cover and the base mattress cover together incase of colour fading. Please note: All Upholstery fabrics during repeated washing will start to fade over time.

Dark colours should not be washed with light colours and we would recommend washing your covers on their own in the machine. 


Washing Temperatures:

Shoreditch Outer Cover & base mattress outer cover:

  • We recommend to wash on 30 degrees
  • Dry naturally
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron if you want to on a low heat on the reverse side only
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use harsh abrasives
  • Do not rub, use a circular motion whilst spot cleaning

Internal Mattress Protector: 

This fabric is a lightweight water resistant protector that can split under consistent scratching or weight. Heavier water resistant grades are available but at an extra charge and these fabrics can make loud rustling noises when dogs move around on their beds and so we have offered this as a free gift to help.

  • Machine washable on a synthetics cycle up to 30 degrees.
  • Dry naturally
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach 
  • Do not rub
  • Do not use harsh abrasives

Sidewall Bolsters: 

All 4 side bolsters 

  • We recommend to wash the whole bolster on a gentle synthetics wash at up to 40 degrees.
  • Line dry naturally and re-shape/plump up while damp
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach

 3" Memory Foam:

  • Memory foam is not washable 
  • Do not dry clean
  • Spare memory foam bases can be purchased separately
  • Please email us if you feel that you require a quote for a water proof memory foam protector - the outer base cover will have to be made slightly bigger to accommodate the water proof fabric as it comes in various thicknesses. 




Shipping Costs:

UK mainland shipping standard Parcelforce 48 weekday delivery £10.00

Isle of Man, Scottish Islands, Northern & Southern Ireland, Europe and rest of world please email to obtain courier shipping costs.  


International Freight & Courier charges  Courier charges differ between Country, Distance, Total Weight & Size.

For a correct shipping quote to your shipping address please provide us with your full shipping address and order request. We can add multi options/small items to large boxes as long as the total weight does not exceed the shippers carrying rules   Email: 

International Shippers will require:  The Full Shipping Address & Contact Telephone Number, Any Special Delivery Instructions. They Calculate the costs by the distance of the Country, Overall size of the shipping carton + Add The Total weight of contents & the box = Volume Charge of Freight

Please note we recommend that you check your Country's Taxation laws for importing International products into your Country.





William loves his bed

Written by Paula Wakeman on 29th Nov 2019

What an incredibly well made dog bed and the Shoreditch dog bed by Hugo & Otto deserves 10 Stars not 5! William being 11 years old has seen a lifetime of beds and we thought it was about time he had a handmade dog bed that would offer him comfort and support as he is getting slower with his movements. I have to say this dog bed is the best we have ever seen on the market, the fabric feels soft and the orthopaedic base is very comfortable and William is very happy. A great price for fantastic quality and good design.

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