Operations & Shipping During COVID-19

I can only write this from the heart, we are all experiencing difficult and unprecedented times which will see us all put to the test both mentally and financially. I am so very sorry that this is happening to us all, it has hit us like a freight train and we can only pray for your health and safety and that of our front line NHS staff and care workers. We wish you all safe and send our love to you, your loved ones, and your wonderful dogs.

Hugo & Otto are still open for business through our on-line store and there are no plans to temporary close unless we are instructed to do so by the UK Government. We are structured in 2 ways that adopt safe working conditions for that of our office staff and of our studio which today we have completed our audit. At present we are shipping out orders on a norma Mon-Fri working week through our large handling carriers Parcelforce and small parcels Royal Mail and you will find Parcelforce current woking adoption as of 26 March 2020 below which we will update as and when they roll out more information. 


As always if you need further clarity please do not hesitate to drop us a line to sales@hugoandotto.com

Telephone us Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00  01829 782981


As a Company we write to explain our safe working conditions and policy for making, preparing and shipping your orders and our committment to you that we have followed the UK Government COVID-19 guidelines in the employment of our staff, their safety and also of our courier services, your safety as our clients and that of the governance of our suppliers.

We are ourselves are receiving updates every day from suppliers, couriers, and the makers and manufacturers each company will change their policies on a day by day basis as they too have to protect their staff and work in line with the Government COVID-19 guidelines. Under safe working conditions today we had a health and safety meeting with our studio and factory and have finalised the details that see us temporarily closing the doors on our factory down to a management skeleton staff of 2 people and our normal working life as we know it as a small British manufacturer has gone for the time being. Many of our suppliers and agents have already closed their doors at the end of last week but that being said we have ample supplies of all of our current fabrics to continue to meet our client's orders for the time being. Our makers have employed people for over 3 generations of families and today was indeed a dark day not knowing when we will see everyone again and our staff in deep concern about their future. In the same breath it was a joyous meeting as we trialled our brand new York and Lincoln Dog Beds that look stunning and working through the planning, the designs and sizing took away the current crisis, it gave us purpose and it gave us hope for the future. This small project today gave everyone a little jump in their step knowing that they could work on the design, tweak it, start again, and after 5 hours we had a signed off design. It gives purpose to what we are about, designers and makers of British handmade dog beds and it gave our team hope for the future. 

Our skeleton staff will be 4 key people, 2 of which now work remotely from separate home offices, 2 work in the studio and factory which is arranged over 3 floors. Our external accountants, HR and legal advisors are all separate companies and have all adopted safe and distant working or have taken to working remotely as from Friday 20 March 2020. In our studio and factory we, at all times have adhered to the UK Government's recommendation of safe distances of working, cleaning down our work surfaces and there are adequate safe washing facilities on each floor of our studio, factory and offices with hand sanitisers at each work point and entry/exit areas of the building. 



As you know our Hugo & Otto Luxury Dog Beds are handmade in England in our studios, we are a small family business that pride ourselves on totally British made. Our fabrics, mattresses, fibre infill and even our care and logo labels are all sourced in England to ensure we support other small British companies. Our collections that have been made are ready on the shelves and should we require to make your order we can do this also but it will take a little longer due to our safe working policy. Our 2 key workers who are management will be working a temporary short day on a Monday and Wednesday, they are also the pattern cutter and our head machinist who has been part of the company for over 26 years. During their day they will conduct health & safety checks of the studio and factory, maintain the machines and safe placement of stocks and to hand make any small orders. 

With this in mind, we usually fulfill orders in a 3-5 working days, from today 26 March 2020 we would kindly ask that you bear with us, we will obtain an estimate of delivery to include the current Parcelforce working conditions and email you with updates. We would envisage delivery to your door within 10-14 days of taking your order. 


Large Parcels/Boxes - Dog Beds

We use Parcelforce for our large handling of boxes. They have exercised safe handling for their employees collecting and delivering parcels for the past 2 weeks. We would kindly ask all our wonderful clients that you ensure that Parcelforce can leave in a safe place your delivery. We please ask you to ensure the safety of everyone including yourselves and if there are any special delivery requests that you let us know on the check out notes. You can also email us on sales@hugoandotto.com 

Please remember every day we are trying like you to keep up with events and the changes in policies that the Government is advising, they like us are adapting and changing everyday and we are sure you will understand that deliveries will or may take longer or may be delayed, but we are here to help.

Please see the Parcelforce link below for their up to date policy of COVID-19 delivery & handling services 



Small parcels:

Collars and leads are sent in our Hugo & Otto postal boxes in the UK and we use Royal Mail. The normal UK delivery time in First Class and next day. Please see the above notes, we cannot guarantee this now and we have to fall in line with our Great British Post Office delivery service. Again, please do let us know if there are safe places to leave small parcels so that the Royal Mail can deliver to your door safely. 

International deliveries: Unless you have requested and paid for Courier services to your country we use standard Royal Mail service, once we post out your order we will inform you by email the expected time of delivery given to us on the day of posting. We will use small mailer bags that are lighter and more cost affective.


With our very kindest of wishes to you, we know that you can only at present enjoy an hour's walk with your dog each day, but let's make that hour count. Sadly I have lost a family friend in the past 24 hours who had underlying health conditions and we are deeply concerned for the health of my Father in Law, I cannot see my only son who is now in self isolation and only 20 years old and I am here alone with my computer, but my 2 dogs are keeping me sane. We live remotely in the most beautiful part of Cheshire, the daffodils are out, the birds are singing, there are buds and shoots on the trees and in the fields around us here in Cheshire lambs are arriving, I have hope in my heart to keep me going, please god I can pass that hope and love to you and keep you all very safe.


Caroline  x


Finnbar MacBrigadoon - CEO of Barketing

Big Yellow Dog - Chief Dog Bed Tester


The Team