Luxury Dog Crate, Bumper & Cushion Sets

Luxury Dog Crate, Bumper & Cushion Sets

Luxury Dog Crate Sets designed and handmade for the dog with a sniff for style and comfort. 

Hugo & Otto take dog crate sets to the next level offering you high quality beautiful styling with luxury dog crate covers with stunning detailing roll up blinds and horn toggles. Deep filled cushions with removable covers feel super soft and cosy within the crate with side wall dog crate bumpers that mimic a den in the wild and suitable for every life stage. 

From puppies growing into their bones to our elder states dogs who may suffer with pain from Canine Arthritis we offer orthopaedic memory foam mattress option on check out. Memory foam aids pain management with joint and muscle support, is hypoallergenic, dust mite free and moulds to the shape of the body. 


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June 2020.