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dogBar® M - The Porcelain Edition

Medium Sized for dog breeds like the Standard Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, French Bulldogs, Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer


The Hugo & Otto Edit: 

The dogBar® is the original raised dog feeder created by European product designer Jirri M.R. Katter. It is the best raised dog feeder available using intelligent design and entirely handcrafted in Germany with FSC licensed and is a fully sustainable product. Handmade in wood collected from sustainable forests using specialist techniques and fine porcelain commissioned especially for the dogBar this beautiful design right down to the rubber feet made from recycled rubber is wholly designed, crafted in Germany. 

The dogBar® is sturdy, strong and suitable for all dog breed types with beautiful porcelain bowls made by Reichenbach in Germany especially for dogBar®.  The bowls are removable and dishwasher proof with a super sturdy structure and rubber pads on the edges to prevent slippage. The wooden surface that is cleaned by using a warm soft cloth in soapy water.


Why purchase a raised dog feeder? 

By raising the level of your dog bowl hight this assists your dog in digesting their food, rather than letting them bend double to eat at ground level. By raising the height you will notice that their spines remain level which can help to reduce twisted gut syndrome. Another major plus is not only does this fabulous raised feeder look amazing in your home, you will find that the floor area around and underneath the dogBar® remains clean. No more water and food spills nor scattered dog bowls to fall over in the dark. 


The dogBar® M  is available in 5 wood/colour finishes & Blue Limited Edition

Laminate White   |  Laminate Grey   |   Oak Light   |   Oak Dark   |   Walnut    |   Oxford Blue


Laminate White   £162.00

Laminate Grey     £162.00

Oak Light             £171.00

Oak Dark              £180.00

Walnut                 £189.00




Limited Edition Colour

Oxford Blue        £167.00



The dogBar® 

  • Registered and Award Winning Beautiful design by Jiri M.R. Katter
  • Handmade from sustainable wood
  • German made
  • Double dog feeder with 2 1.3 ltr capacity porcelain bowls made by Reichenbach
  • The porcelain bowls are dishwasher proof
  • Spare porcelain bowls can be purchased
  • Alternative Stainless Steel bowls can be purchased
  • 5 colour finishes with limited edition colours released



The dogBar® M 

  • M:   57 L x 24 W x 18 H    with 2 x Porcelain bowls 1.3 ltr capacity bowls   


Spare Porcelain bowls are available separately & the dogBar® stainless steel bowls also fit the frame.



Notables: made from real wood, discolouration of the surface may occur if left in strong sunlight and if the surface is damaged and water ingress occurs the wood may warp. Keep on a level straight surface and wipe clean with a soft warm wet cloth do not use strong detergents and remove the stainless steel bowls to clean in hot water or place in the dishwasher.



HM CUSTOMS LAWS APPLY POST-BREXIT:  Any product imported into the UK from Europe will incur a landing charge and taxes on the total bill of goods + shipping will apply. This fee is calculated by Parcelforce UK and they will email you and not release the parcel until you pay it. 

We are so sorry - we charge the normal RRP and cannot absorb the Customs taxes and fees. If you refuse payment the parcel will be returned to dogBar® in Germany whereupon your refund for goods will incur a deduction for refusal of acceptance, postage and return postage back to Germany. 


Designer: Jirri M.R. Katter

The best looking dog bowl ever!

Written by Clemmie & Jonny on 27th Sep 2020

We read reviews on raised dog bowls and the health benefits for dogs and purchased a metal frame one from a popular store for Daisy our labradoodle. The height was just right but it kept on toppling over with water everywhere and so then we found these through Hugo & Otto. They are pricey but worth the investment, we went for the white in the end with stainless steel bowls and it is perfect. Super sturdy and the bowls are easily removed for cleaning. Thank you Caroline, Daisy loves her new Hugo & Otto dog bowl.

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