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Daisy & Liqourice Dog Collar

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Daisy & Liqourice Dog Collar 
Daisy was an ordinary dog living an ordinary life with Stanley
Now she is an Extraordinary dog living an 
Extraordinary life and all because of three lovely liqourice lollies 
A Poem
..Daisy All Sorts by:  Pamela Allen 
Original & Unique Pieces 
Daisy & Liqourice 
Why do we choose to make rope collars and leads?
Rope dog collars can be corse or silky to the touch, we choose Kingfisher Ropes that are made in super strong manmade polyesters and feel silky to the touch. They do not pull, rub or tug your dog's coat and they also feel soft on your hands. Yachting rope does not stretch and is made to cope with the salt air and sea, elements and can handle being pulled at great strengths.
Many years ago before I created Hugo & Otto I took a ferry from Rhode Island to Martha's Vineyard and fell in love with a cafe called Black Dog. I journeyed back to the Island many times over a 10 year period and in 1997 made a very special trip back to my favourite Island and across to the Edgartown Lighthouse where I married the man I walked with under the setting sun. That day our witnesses came from the Black Dog cafe and an old black dog called Meg wore her best rope dog collar and lead and we were given a set as a wedding gift to take home to England that was hand made by an old man called Jack. And before this life I spent years at sea both on International shipping vessels and Mega Yachts and I am also a qualified Yacht master as I used to sail for fun and at regattas, was born on an Island and just really a salty old sea lady that loves dogs. 
Today, looking at 2020 and a new decade ahead we are in Cheshire and we have our own man called Paul, our retired nutty knotter and a member of the International Knot Tyers Association. He sits once a week and knots away little Turkshead knots in beautiful coloured cordings and we put together a little collection of beautiful handmade pieces. Each time, I think of Meg and hope that she sits on her rainbow dog bridge and approves of our designs that we dream up here in Cheshire. 
How do we do it!
You have a choice of 8mm, 10mm & 12mm diameter rope to choose from and a length so that we cut to your chosen collar length.
Small dog breed 8mm:                                           e.g   Dachshund, Miniature Schnauzer upto say a small sized Cockerpoo
Medium dog or small strong breeds 10mm:              e.g   Spaniels, Standard Poodles, Frenchie, Pugs, Labradoodle
Large dog breeds or stronger dog breeds:   12mm:   e.g   Labrador, German Shepherd, Great Dane, British Bulldog, 
We hot splice the requested length sew the rope together in the traditional rope making way which is robust. To cover the join of a rope traditionally sailors would whip over using a twine or they would splice into the rope. As a detail we use whipping cord which is approximately 0.5mm thick, silky to the touch and adds a fine detailing to our dog products. We whip over the join which is situated to the side of the hardware to add detail and match this on the opposite side and add detail to the middle of the collar which sits at the back of your dog's neck. 
Rope Diameter Size:    8mm 10mm or 12mm Kingfisher braid on braid rope
Rope Colour:               Black
Hardware:                  Solid Brass & Nickle Plated Clasp   1 x ring
Dog Tag:                    Hugo & Otto branded dog tag - silver alloy metal (reverse is blank) 
Whipping:                  Purple traditional Turkshead knot sitting over Black Blue flat whipping at the middle of the collar 
Ordering & Prices:
Once you have chosen your rope diameter width select: go to "Check Out"
Upon check out you will have a list of your shopping basket and add your shipping and payment details.
You will also see a comment area where we will need your dog collar size to make for you please add the sizing in the comment box (we will email you once we receive your order to re-confirm the sizing prior to making)
You can also contact us by email:
Measuring your dog's neck:
We always suggest to take off the existing collar whilst measuring and would suggest not to use the existing collar as your measurement.
Use a soft tape take the measurement around where the collar would normally sit, do not pull the tape tight. Add 2 fingers under the tape (this is for the growth room) and this is the measurement for any dog collar. Please add this measurement to the comments bar.
We make your measurement and add + 2cm   eg: Your dog is 34cm - we make to 36cm 


Superyacht Rope
Our rope is made in England by Kingfisher Ropes of Great Britain who are yacht rope manufacturers supplying lines and ropes for dinghys, yachts, superyachts and megayachts and therefore stress tested. Marine rope does not stretch, it is made to withstand salt air and extreme weather conditions. The rope is colourfast, it will dull down if left in sunlight for long periods like any product or being.
You can wash the rope under a warm tap and use a soft cloth with soapy water, we do not recommend to machine wash, please do not use harsh abrasives.
Hang up to line dry, do not tumble dry.
Whipping cord:  
The whipping cord is for detail only, it has no tested strength and it is commercially dyed and is colourfast, it will dull down if left in bright sunlight and especially if it gets into muddy waters and other such loveliness that our dogs just love to roll in for added perfume!  
Our Hardware:
We have endeavoured to source the best of what is available to offer you solid brassware and bronze castings hardware from established Midlands and North West based British suppliers of alloys, metals, cast bronze we have at all lengths endeavoured to supply British products that are strong, solid brass or bronze that offer hardware that does not bend or snap under pressure. 
Please note: Bespoke collars made to order and any special length leads cannot be returned once ordered and paid for unless they are faulty.
Any fault must be reported to Hugo & Otto upon inspection and within 7 days of receiving.
UK Mainland £5.00
Europe & Worldwide please email for a shipping quote to your full postal address.
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