COVID19 Ordering & Shipping Updates

Hugo & Otto 

Covid19 Update   

22:00 hrs Monday 4th January 2021


Hugo & Otto Remain Open!

Our ordering system does not change, our British team of makers do not changed our shipping does not change - we've got this! and we are here for you. 

Earlier this evening The Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown and instructed people to stay at home to control the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

For the full link and information from HM Government please see the link below our message. 

Firstly, may we wish you and your family a warm message of love and hope from us, and please stay safe. This is an incredibly difficult time in our lives and we hope beyond that you can keep positive, healthy and focused on the good which has been achieved with the hope of a massive vaccine roll out from Oxford, an absolutely phenomenal achievement by our scientists that offers a life line to us all, hope for our family and friends and that of our children's education and that of our businesses which brings me to the all "impawtant" update which is great news.

Hugo & Otto through the first lockdown in March 2019 adopted the method of all office, clerical and administrative staff that are connected to us to remain and work from home. Our little elves (aswe called ourselves during Christmas) work extremely well at home and carry out all our duties with very little need to commute to our studios. Our meetings can be conducted by Zoom or telephone calls and indeed email communication is swift. When it comes to rolling out new designs from the. drawing board to having sampling and photography completed then it gets tricky, especially if your business is continually let down by a supply chain that is open 1 day and the next day not for some very obscure reasons other than that of Covid and so we also understand and work truly very hard to ensure that every part of our supply chain communicates and understand each businesses needs to offer you consistency an "on time" delivery of our beautiful handmade dog beds. 

Our very "impawtant" elves are our super makers, they work very hard to keep us on track, they are headed up by Richard and Julie who rise up super early at 4:30 am to open up the studio and make sure that by 5:30 the kettle is boiled, coffee is at hand, the heating and lights are on for all our super elves to start their daily making. Each of our beautiful dog beds are made by hand and many are ready, packed and into boxes by 2pm ready for the postie to pick up and deliver to your door.

Each piece is hand cut by Richard from the lino templates we make from our Toiles and sewn by Julie's lovely team of seamstresses, "dog bed stuffers" and "boxer uppers" who work from our studios based in The Midlands. Without our very impawtant elves we would not exist nor would most of England's super proud British Made community of which we are part of and accredited by Made in Britain®. 

Our studio is a fairly sizeable industrial unit on 2 levels, with huge open spaces, separate working areas, separate departments and keep to the same buddy / working bubbles, with 2 kitchens and 4 toilets. In total we have 10 very impawtant elves working in a huge open space and so they will continue working and want to do so. Some of our ladies have young children of school age and who will now have to stay at home to look after them, others have their care bubbles and older teenagers and so we will work it out together to keep our operating hours on track for you and to keep them safe in their working environment. 

We will remain open for all your lovely orders, shipments go out Monday - Thursday with Parcelforce48 and Royal Mail who through the last 2 lockdowns remained on track for all incoming and outgoing orders. We will continue to send you "pupdates" on your orders, shipment expectations and tracking numbers and so please, be rest assured we will be working as hard as can can to ensure everything stays as normal as it can be for our orders.

And, please, even if you just want to talk dog talk just reach out if you feel in a difficult place, we are here for you! From the years of driving around England at dog centric events, setting up our beautiful gazebos, talking with other trades, vets, health professions, food suppliers and our contemporaries we have lived and breathed the world that is all about DOG. If we cannot help you, I will always recommend other companies that I know and understand have great products for your pawsome pal. I have tons of dog talk advice, puppies, adults, dog food, we were the first to introduce and supply raw dog food nutrition in Cheshire through our boutique in Tarporley and I helped a raw dog food brand start up and so I understand the all important nutrition and the poo question stuff. I can point you in any number of directions of super talented dog professionals around England and links to websites for you to read through. If you have any questions please do not hesitate and we will try our very best to help you. We can do this together, and remember we are allowed to take our dog walk within our area that we live within (County or Borough) if it gets all too much, just stop what you are doing and take your dog out for a walk, let them explore those pesky furaballs, chase their balls in the fields, park or the beach and just be you, I know that is exactly what I will be doing, pulling on my inspiration that I get from you and your dog and I will be doing my very best to keep on track, to keep on going for you. 

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Please, stay safe, protect you, your loved ones, your pawsome pals and our NHS.


Caroline x