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Hugo & Otto 

We are proud British designers of British Made Dog Beds & Bedding 

Hugo & Otto is founded and owned by interior designer Caroline Bate who trained at KLC School of Design in Chelsea in Certification in Design & Decoration in 2003/4. This course was Certification during the normal 27 week school, college, university known term of 9 week per term. Each term had 4 modules in which. In 2003 no other courses were available over a year, there were only 3 year degree courses available. Caroline was 43 years old with a 5 year old son at home and her husband had walked out when he was 3.5 years old. She was at the time working for British Airways over over 19 years and had to give up her career to look after her son alone in England. Caroline is from the Isle of Man and was prevented by court to return to her home for support from her family and friends. In 2003 Caroline was able to commute to London every week for 27 weeks as contact arrangements with her ex husband was established and it was vital to start a new career to help pay for her son and mortgage. She created a small business working on her home to re-furbishing them and sell them to start a new project and had a small and loyal client base. 

In 2008 Caroline was allowed to return to the Isle of Man to live and rented out her home in Cheshire, she returned to the Isle of Man with her young son alone and every 2 weeks her son flew back to Cheshire. It was in 2010 that her father in law was diagnosed with life threatening leukaemia and her husband had a dreadful skiing accident and it became very difficult for her son to travel and leave his father and grandfather and in 2012 they had to return to Cheshire, her father in law passed away. Caroline created Hugo & Otto in 2014 and began a new journey for her young son and a hopeful future, all her savings were put into the company to create the very best in design and quality for dogs and their owners.

With Brexit the high street and the British pound devalued and shipping in German multi award winning luxury dog products became impossible to survive and it was in 2018 that Caroline re-invested the rest of her savings to keep Hugo & Otto alive and all the work that she had fought so hard she did not want to give up. Her dreams and hopes to offer the best had to be British made by her own hand. And so really Hugo & Otto began again, within 16 months Covid became a global pandemic and the hardship continues but we will not end, we are made of Celtic strong resolve and will try our very best to keep offering the very best that we can. 


We work with and support luxury British fabric makers, British based fabric suppliers some, of whom have over decades are known and purchased globally. We buy our polyester infil and memory foam mattress pads from British suppliers as too our packaging, labelling. We know and understand our circular supply chain and only work with ethical and sustainable companies and employers. 

We design our dog beds at the studio which is based in the West Midlands and work in collaboration with one of England's oldest established dog bed manufacturers to offer you the very best in design and British manufacturing. 


KLC School of Design is a prestigious school of design based in Chelsea, London

We are proudly accredited by Made in Britain®