COVID19 Ordering & Shipping Updates

Hugo & Otto 

Covid19 Update   

5 March 2021


Hugo & Otto 


All ordering and shipments are leaving our makers studio in England on time and to plan.

Fabric Supplies.

Some of our British fabric suppliers are experiencing huge difficulties with their supply chain. Seemingly when we talk to them they are all experiencing this together as a global issue. As an Island everything that we have whether it is British made fabrics or British supplied fabrics has to be imported. England has a weather system that cannot sustain the successful growth of cotton for industry and so we have to import it as too linen, polyester fabrics are made in England but the polymer and ingredients that make up the manufacture are mostly imported. And so there you have the issue, anything that is imported on a large scale is transported in Containers on the decks of ships, those ships mainly come from far distances whether they are Pacific or Atlantic container storage has become the new global shortage.

We have been informed by several of our fabric suppliers as too our peer group within the manufacturing industry when they can obtain a container from a shipping agency the cost have increased beyond anyone's imagination. The cost of a shipping container can cost upwards of £14,500 + VAT + landing and custom and excise fees and of course the cost of what stock is inside the container. In 2019 pre-pandemic the same size shipping containers for the same amount of time was costing on average £2,500 + Vat etc

Stocks of fabric therefore in England is now on shortage as too it is in Europe, we may face difficulties in the supply of our fabric range which is out of our hands. An example is our luxury faux fur supplier in England, when the first lockdown was imposed their stocks were almost bought out over night by 3 large home furniture makers and so when it came to re-stocking they also found that they could not because of global demand and shortages of the products they need to make the faux fur as it is a polymer based product. And so when we came to uplift our normal stocks we were informed that they had sold out and did not know when they could re-stock us. 

The research and development of a product range, costing and then making charges just to get to sampling stage, let alone photography, studio and lifestyle shoot costs for any company and so it we have shortages please do bear with us we are trying super hard behind the scenes to ensure we keep our stocks up for you.


Shipping Europe & Worldwide

Shipping to Europe

The paperwork actually is not extensive and the paperwork just asks you questions of what is inside the package, total invoicing costs including shipping etc. Some Countries in Europe ask for more detail which is totally acceptable. The costs of shipping to Europe has gone up, in some cases marginally but in other Countries and depending on size and weight of our shipping cartons the increase can be considerably more and therefore we would ask that you email us first on so that we can obtain a shipping quote to ensure you are happy with the costs. 

What we are experiencing is unacceptable delays in England at border and Customs control, we use a track and tracing method when sending parcels either in England or Worldwide and therefore we know and understand where the delays are. Delays at border and customs control are at the moment taking up to 8 days to clear, this situation by Customs & Excise is not acceptable and we can only apologise for this it is completely unacceptable that businesses in England need to export to customers to be then informed that shipping can take up to 14 days to reach Europe where it used to take 2 days to the doorstep of your customers. And so please accept our huge apologies but shipments to Europe for the short term may take up to 14 days to reach destination. 


We must add at this point a thank you, 

Thank you dear David Cameron we salute your galliant monumental efforts to screw up this Country.