Hugo & Otto Makers & Designers

Hugo & Otto are proud British designers and makers of luxury dog beds and bedding.

Hugo & Otto was founded in 2014 by interior designer Caroline Bate who trained at KLC School of Design in Chelsea in Certification in Design & Decoration and qualified with honours distinction in 2005/6.

Certification Courses are attended in person in Chelsea Harbour for 2 days per week and take place over a 27 week yearly course during normal 9 week terms. You have to commit to a 33 hour weekly work task with 891 hours of work completed. Each term had 4 modules in which to study and complete within structured time frames and judged by professional panels. 

Caroline created Hugo & Otto opening with a beautiful high street boutique in Tarporley, Cheshire in 2014 and an online store. It was the culmination of 6 years of saving enough money to create the brand and invest in luxury stock. As a single divorced mum and a very young son, she was determined but, it took many years to save enough to begin the process. Leasing a high street store, interior decoration and shelving of the store, stock from around the globe and the all important brand and website design which was created by Fotofire a local company based in North Wales. In 2013 the journey of sourcing and investing into the best in luxury dog products from around the Globe was not an easy one, there are so many companies out there who say they produce outstanding design, some claim to be made in Britain when in fact every part of the products are made by different companies many of which are outsourced in China. Poor quality fabrics, poor design, badly made dog products did not make the cut.  

In 2018 we launched our first Hugo & Otto luxury dog bed collections at Daylesford Organic Farm with the Whitehall Bolster Dog Bed, The Dover Bolster Dog Bed, The Dartmouth Bolster Dog Bed and the Louis Velour Dog Cushion. We launched our baby sister brand Dog Company in December 2019 and gained accreditation by Made in Britain® in May 2020.  We have designed and produced over 135 individually designed luxury dog bed products.

We work with and support luxury British fabric makers and British based fabric suppliers. We purchase our pure polyester infill and memory foam mattress pads from British suppliers as too our packaging and labelling. We know and understand our circular supply chain and only work with ethical and sustainable companies and employers. 

We create and design our luxury dog products are the studio based in the West Midlands and work in collaboration with one of England's oldest established dog bed manufacturers and together we have over 38 years of experience of design and British manufacturing to offer you the very best in quality, design, fabric choices and British manufacturing. 


KLC School of Design is a prestigious school of design based in Chelsea, London

We are proudly accredited by Made in Britain®