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Cosy Dog Crates

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Hugo & Otto Cosy Dog Crates

When dusk falls and the birds stop their busy tweet, tweet twitterings and those pesky wee furballs retreat to their bunks for the night then it's time to snuggle down for our pawsome pals and catch up on their vital beauty sleep ready to take on the next day's mission. Dog snuggles are the best in cosy nests and what better way than to sleep happily in a Hugo & Otto Cosy Dog Crate by Dogit.

Our Hugo & Otto Cosy Dog Crates are made of pawsome gumption by Dogit a globally renowned manufacturer of dog crates and supplied in England. They are crafted in a black non toxic powder coated wire frame that is lightweight to pick up with it's carry handle found in the top roof and rounded corners in case of nasty bumps. The Dogit dog crates fold flat for easy storage and transportation, they come ready assembled in their folded positions inside their packing boxes all you have to do is pull up the top roof part which then reveals the 2 sides with internal opening doors. You simply pull them up and slot them into their positioning hoops. Each opening door has 2 sliding door bolts that slot into a receiving bar. The black heavy duty plastic base tray is fitted to the base which when unclipped slides out for easy cleaning. 

Once you have chosen the dog crate size that you feel is best for your dog please add this to your cart and continue shopping to add our super cosy and Luxury Dog Crate sets. You will find our beautiful Hugo and Otto Cosy Dog Crate Cushions co-ordinate with their Cosy Dog Crate Bolsters with reverse designs so that you can style your look the way you like it at home and finished off with our Luxury Cosy Dog Crate Covers complete with their little "drawbridge" blinds for extra cosiness at "night night" time. Take a look through our beautiful Dog Crate Collections to add a sumptuous soft den like feel to your Hugo & Otto Cosy Dog Crate.


Hugo & Otto Cosy Dog Crate Sizing - Suitable for all life stages from puppies to elder statesdogs. 


Sizes               Measurements           Suggested Dog Breed Types                                                                                

Medium 30"   L77 x W48 x H54.4cm   Small-Med  i.e Cocker Spaniels, Cockerpoos, West Highland,Dachshunds

Large    36"      L91 x W56 x H62cm       Med  i.e. Large Cockerpoos, Springer Spaniels, Bulldogs, Whippets         

XLarge  42"  L106.5 x W70 x H77cm   Large  i.e. Labradors, Labradoodles, Hungarian Viszla, Boxers, Greyhounds                      


Nitty Gritty Details

Powder coated wire: Wire diameter:  3 thickness utilised from 2.8mm to 4.8

                                               Wire spacing:    3.6cm 

2 Access Doors:            Front (wider side)

                                              Side (narrower side)

Security:                          2 x Sliding bolt latches on each door 

Base:                                  Removable heavy duty black plastic tray clips easily in/out of wire frame

Assembly:                       Ready assembled in a folded position with manufacturers instruction booklet

Moveability:                 Lightweight frame and base with plastic 'D' handle attached to top roof

Manufacturer:            By Dogit an ISO9001 Certified manufacturer 



Cleaning your Dog Crate

The manufacturer recommends to wipe clean the dog crate wire with a soft clean cloth in hand hot soapy water and a non toxic mild detergent.

We would also recommend to wipe off residue water with kitchen towel, leave to air and re-place the removable base, clip together and then dress your dog crate as normal.

We do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals or detergents to clean any of your dog products that can be potentially harmful to your dog.


Perhaps you may have some questions on purchasing your first dog crate? - I know I did this summer. 

If this is the first dog crate you are about to purchase, you may be a little undecided of what to do, the best advice anyone can offer you is ask your dog breeder lots of questions first, they know and understand the breed type and also know the parents and also your registered Veterinary professional. Brands, they only want to sell you products, it is finding the brands that care, understand dogs and who do their research first that count. 

This summer was the first time I had purchased a dog crate, we were expecting our little bundle of joy to come home, Ottilie our little miniature wirehair dachshund had been born in March however and I had asked to collect her when she was 12 weeks old. But of course due to the Covid19 pandemic and travelling restrictions we were facing extended transport restrictions. Ottilie was born in Dorset and played outdoors in the garden with her little siblings and chased Ann's granddaughter around through the paddling pools to then completely zonk out in their play pens and their evening puppy boxes. Ann advised that I look at crate training when we could eventually pick her up as the puppies had all become used to their night night dog crates.

Q1: which size to purchase?

Know your dog breed, read about their sizing and how they grow, ask your dog breeder and if they are a Doodle type breed ensure that you know your dog's bloodlines. 

Q2: security, can they get out?

Each of our Hugo & Otto Dogit Dog Crate doors have 2 sets of sliding door bolts that slot into a receiving block just to confuse those Houdini type paws. 

Q3: 1 Door or a 2 Door dog crate?

The 2 door dog crate for the margin uplift in costs it is worth while.


And, so these are only some of the questions we raised when investing in our dog crates, I asked more questions than you could shake a stick at and of course we have a wonderful industry of like minded professionals to reach out to ask those questions to. Wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, Industry Associations, lovely dog breeders and dog behaviourists including the fabulous Ollie Juste and several vets that we have worked with through the years and we are also members of PIF, Pet Industry Federation which offer legal advice. Once I had done my R&D I contacted the suppliers and manufacturers of 4 dog crate companies to get the expert view and to fully understand the manufacturing process of the dog crates, the countries they are made in and why I should invest with them and then I ordered the samples. Our Hugo & Otto Dog Crates are ethically manufactured by Dogit a ISO9001 certified manufacturer.

When the dog crates arrived the thought of Ottilie enclosed in a cold wire and uncomfortable cage was unthinkable to me, I had already designed the cosy boxy dog cushion for the inside but the intensity of the dog crate wires enclosing her was too much and I got to work on designing a set of side bumpers to sit beside the boxy dog crate cushion to protect her head when sleeping and feel more cosy. We designed and cut out a Calico Toile as the template for the dog crate cover and re-designed this about a dozen times before we were all happy with lovely "drawbridge" blinds on the 2 doors to drop down at night night time.

And so I hope that I may have covered some of the same questions that you have through the journey that I took in designing and making our first Hugo & Otto Cosy Den Dog Crate Collections.



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