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Dog Company Full Sets Include:

* Cosy Dog Crate Cover

* Internal Bumper (Side or Front door opening)

* Cushion

* The Doggit 2 Door Dog Crate

Luxury dog crate set with uber cool looks the Cabana Pebble Cosy Den Dog Crate Set is handmade in grey pebble ticking stripe with coral ticking as the accent colour to make things fizz with happiness.

Natural wooden toggles keep in place the coral lined window blinds. Inside we have designed the side bumper in a choice of pebble or coral on the reverse and so you choose which way you would like to dress your dog crate set. Sleeping on a deep filled cushion that feels super soft makes this luxury dog crate set the cosiest of dens for super dog day snoozes.

It takes over 5 hours to cut out and make by hand this beautiful set and is designed to look beautiful in your home. This luxury dog crate set has the very best in cosy den comfort.




Dog Crates:

This set includes the 2 door Doggit Dog Crate:

We have just incurred a 3rd price increase this year and informed that they are increasing again by 40% in August 2021.

The reason they have given is: High costs of container shipping from overseas to Uk + High costs of steel manufacturing processes at the manufacturing plant who are also suffering increased shipping costs.

We have researched dog crate suppliers and find that a 2 door dog crate offers you and your dog the very best in excess, if you have to move your crate or you take it with you on staycation then you have your bases covered. Equally, this crate is of high quality that is easy to assemble and has a removable base for easy cleaning. The 2 doors have 2 sliding bolts that slot into place. There is an easy carry handle with all the edges covered in powder coated sealant to prevent scratches. 

Sizes:  On trials once we added cushions and bumpers, it is our opinion and you may or may not take this advice, but we feel that once the cushions and bumpers are inside they are truly comfortable, however, we feel that the space is then reduced inside and we would not be comfortable in recommending a crate anything smaller than 30" for a small breed dog type. They need to move around comforatbly, stand up, sit up and find cooler air just like us in our own beds, we move over naturally in our sleep if we are hot, or we sleep with our leg outside the duvet. And so our doggo friends with their full length fur coats have just the same they will move around if they feel too hot etc and another reason for 2 open doors with plenty of fresh cool air.

NB never move a dog crate naxt to a radiator or fire that is on - ensure there is plenty of cool air, ventilation and lots of cool water they can access easily, if you consider all these little tips you will have a very happy and content dog who feels right at home in their forever cosy den dog crate. 



Sizes: 3 Sizes

Medium 30". L77 x W48 x H54.4cm

Suitable for all life stages: Small - Medium dog breeds i.e dachshunds, terriers, French bulldogs

Large 36". L91 x W56 x H62cm

Suitable for all life stages: Med - Large dog breeds i.e British bulldog, medium doodles, spaniels

X Large 42". L106.5 x W70 x H77cm

Suitable for all life stages: Large dog breeds i.e Standard poodle, labrador, weimaraner, labradoodle



  • The Cosy Den Dog Crate Cushion

Our cushions are super deep filled in 100% pure polyester fibre. The outer mattress cover is zipped and removable for easy wash care.

  • The Cosy Den Dog Crate Bumper

    Our side bumpers are made with reverse fabric so you can choose which side you prefer to have

  • The Cosy Den Dog Crate Cover

    Our covers are handmade with a side and front door roll up blind held in place with natural wooden toggles and reverse coral ticking for that extra fizz of colour

  • The 2 Door Dog Crate

Ready assembled in it’s own flat pack box your 2 door Dog Crate is made in Black powder coated wire.

Front (wider side) and side (narrower side) doors each door has 2 slide bolts.

The sliding plastic base is easily removed for cleaning and clips in place.


Laundry Days:

Cosy Den Cushion - Removable Zipped Cushion Cover, Cushion Cover & Bumper Set

Wash on a cool 30' machine wash with low spin cycle.

Line or dry flat

Iron on the reverse

Do Not Dry Clean

Do not tumble dry

Do not use harsh chemicals or bleaching agents

Do not use abrasives


Internal 100% Polyester Fibre Filled Inner Cushion

With deep boxy sides our cushions are Super Soft filled with 100% blown pure polyester fibre and covered in a Corivan cover.

Washable at 30' Degrees 

Do Not Dry Clean

Do Not Iron

Tumble Dry on a low heat

Plump up, shape (like you would a pillow on your own bed) during the drying process.

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