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Bucklers Hard City Lead

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Bucklers Hard Dog Lead

A stunning compliment to the Bucklers Hard Dog Collar this luxury dog lead is handmade to the highest standards using only the best in British Super Yacht Braid on Braid Rope produced by Kingfisher and high grade hand cast Bronze Yachting Snap Clasp mounted on a swivel frame made in Birmingham. We produce outstanding British products from historic British Yachting and hardware manufacturers. Our rope dog collars and leads are lovingly handmade by Paul and Ian who are master rope makers in Cheshire and registered with the International Guild of Knot Tyers. Caroline who owns Hugo & Otto is from a Celtic Island who has a Yacht Master ticket, a long history of race yachting within the UK circuit from Dinghy's to Superyachts and spent 5 years on Megayachts and P&O Deep Sea Shipping. She then worked with British Airways for 19 years and when retired spent 3 years learning Interior Design in Chelsea. Hugo & Otto was created in 2014 and her keen eye for beautiful durable fabrics and design are at the forefront of all that we do here at Hugo & Otto, we know the industry and quality is not a compromise.


Beautifully hand crafted our Bucklers Hard Dog Leads are a gorgeous and each one is individual. The Bucklers Hard is a luxury dog lead handmade in our studio and available in 3 widths of 8, 10 or 12 mm. This beautiful navy rope is a Superyacht grade braid on braid which is silky soft to touch and perfect for your hands and your dog's coat. The rope does not stretch and is designed to withstand the elements facing severe sea conditions and salt corrosion. We hot splice and sew the rope together and then whip over with a beautiful Turks head knot in stunning red cord at the handle end of the City lead over a white flat whipping cord and at the bronze clasp end we whip in red flat whipping which perfectly compliments the beautiful Bucklers Hard Dog Collar.


Hugo & Otto matching Bucklers Hard Dog Collars


The Credits

Navy Marine grade British Kingfisher braid on braid rope in 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
Red Turks Head hand whipping detail on white flat whipping & red flat whipping at the clasp head
Withstands the elements and pulling strength
Braid on Braid marine grade rope does not stretch
British Bronze Hand Cast Yachting Swivel Snap Clasp hardware
Washable in a cool wash or under a warm tap
Available in standard sizes
Bespoke sizes available (please email when ordering if you would like your City Lead slightly longer or shorter)
Matching Bucklers Hard Dog Collars


City Lead Available in 3 x widths 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

The conventional lead with handle Length to 140mm

Single British Hand Cast Bronze Yachting Snap hardware with solid brass ring in the handle to attach keys, poo bag holders etc

  8mm      £78

10mm      £88

12mm      £98



Rope Width guidelines:

Please ensure that you order the correct width for your dog breed we recommend the following widths as a guideline the 8mm line is perfect for small breeds and feels very lightweight on your hands and on your dog's neck. All the ropes coil up really well and are super handy in the car or in your bag. You will notice that we have said large labrador on the 12mm as our own labrador is from working stock and he is super strong, whereas his little friend Milly is a small black labrador and the 10mm is perfect for her and looks great.

Please just drop us a line if you need advice email us on


  8mm - Small dog breed types eg: Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, Maltese, Miniature Poodles, Whippets

10mm - Medium dog breed types eg: Spaniels, Doodles, French Bulldogs, Bedlington Terriers, Staffordshire Terrier

12mm - Large dog breed types eg: German Shepherds, Great Danes, British Bulldog, Doberman, Large Labrador






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True Crafsmanship and Client Service

Written by Sean P. Harrison on 11th Jul 2020

Thank you so much for Harry's beautiful new lead to match his similar new collar. As with the collar, the craftsmanship and the quality of materials is outstanding. Harry is quite the smart gentleman doggy in the village now on his walks. We also really appreciated the personal approach, attention and service throughout the order and production process (which I did not expect to be so quick). An absolute pleasure to be a client. We would not hesitate to recommend Hugo & Otto. Harry (The Retriever) & Sean (The Owner)

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